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With over a billion websites on the Internet, such as online stores and information sites, online consumers may find it hard to decide if they should trust a particular website. To help tackle this issue, we have built TrustSoup as a free service that can quickly evaluate the trust rating of any website using a variety of factors.

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Good shopping experience

Was able to purchase the vape gear (Oukitel Bison Kit) on Vawoo at the cheapest price in the UK (under 10 quid). They have some great deals every week.

Mark (16 Aug 2019)

Unhappy with the Project delivered

I was struggling with my research project , then I payed a company called PHDProject org I think its based in India to help me. I was not happy with what they did for me, I could not even submit it for my thesis because I will just get a zero. They insisted on using a software that I didnt want to use, they didnt write implement te design according to my requirements, my objectives where not met, I have been emailing them and telling them what to do and even sent several reference papers but they are so rude and stubborn. At the end of the day they just produced unrealistic results that I couldn't even interpret. I asked them to refund me or redo my project and they refused. So be careful of those online research labs some of them are scam. I lost my money

Naftal Thembi (11 Aug 2019)

Scam site

Pretends to be search site for everything. Avoid like the plague. Phishing trip

Rockderk van Toorbel (09 Aug 2019)

fake trading software

They have absolutely no knowledge of trading

Anand (06 Aug 2019)

No Item

Paid for item did not receive and no reply to messages SCAM

Tanya Webb (27 Jul 2019)

Por se han robado mi dinero de mi tarjeta

Que nadie se confíe de esta página Aparecen ofreciendo celulares Y luego terminan robando dinero

Luis (25 Jul 2019)

Try The Excellent Service of Company

You will really feel satisfied to avail the best service of this tile and grout cleaning company. They are so good and informative that it cannot be expressed in words. It is simply awesome in all respect

Lisa Thomas (11 Jul 2019)

Crooks and Rude Support

Extremely rude and 0 support

Magada (04 Jul 2019)

Good customer service

I made a mistake when buying a ticket from abroad using their service, contacted them and they promptly fixed the issue. I recommend buying tickets from them.

Sara Filipa (04 Jul 2019)

Took money

Took money out of my account. Without my knowledge or permission. They must of got my details thru realplayz. I just found out they scammers. All this came thru movieflix. So all 3 must be in together.

Scott wilson (30 Jun 2019)

Learn About The Various Type Of Issues

When it comes to learning about how to be safe on the Internet, we are dedicated to educating online users about the various issues they have to be aware of when visiting websites on the Internet. We have thus created a guide below explaining the issues users should be aware of as well as some tips on how to resolve these issues.

Online Shopping Scams

What Is It?

Many people are shopping online with the rise of Internet commerce and the sale of high-quality products at a cheaper price than their physical stores counterparts. However, shoppers need to be aware of online shopping scams such as counterfeit products and non-delivery of their ordered goods after payment.

What To Do?

Are the prices too good to be true? If it is, then be sure to do some research before making any purchase.

Find out more about the details of the store such as the owner of the website to make a more educated decision.

Read reviews from other websites and contact the store if necessary to get more information.

Fake Information

What Is It?

Some websites may not sell anything but their main purpose are to influence you in a particular way using false information and unsubstantiated claims, also known more commonly as fake news.

What To Do?

Do not believe everything you read online no matter how convincing it may be and always check with other websites on the validity of such information.

Talk to an expert about information you are unsure of. For example, if you see a health claim online that you are unsure of, do consult a doctor about it.

Malicious Software And Viruses

What Is It?

Malicious software also known as malware and viruses can infect your computer when you visit a vulnerable website. This could potentially lead to theft of credit information and hijacking of your computer system.

What To Do?

Do not open any unknown files or links unless you are sure of its safety.

Install antivirus software to allow your computer to detect and block or remove malware before they can infect your computer.

Phishing And Social Engineering

What Is It?

Phishing and social engineering can occur when bad actors impersonate trusted entities to steal sensitive information from you such as your credit card information and your personal information.

What To Do?

Always check carefully that the website you are on or the person you are communicating with is who they claim to be. For example, you should be suspicious of a bank website if there are signs that appear unusual such as typos.

Seek more verification of information if you have reasons to believe that there is any attempt of phishing or social engineering.